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Every Employee can be made a Winner: Beyond HR Approach to Motivation

We all have come across employees who are Low Performers, Less Intelligent & Less Motivated. But why are some people like that and can they be transformed to High or Best Performers. I will discuss this point with an example:

There was a man who lived a life of a failure. He was treated like a Duffer by everyone he knew. His parents valued him the least amongst his brothers and sisters, his teachers were scolding him all through his schooling years, he failed 2 times in his 10th, he was refused admission to any good colleges, he was terminated in first 3 of his Jobs within 2 months of Joining each of them.  He could somehow managed to keep few other Jobs for somewhat longer periods. He barely managed to make his living. He had also accepted that he was a failure and a duffer as everyone else believed.

At the age of 31 he suddenly turned into a Genius and a Winner, that too by just one single incidence.

Can there be any such Incidence that can change a man from a Duffer to a Genius and from a Failure to a Winner?

Here’s the Incidence that changed his Life:

One of his friend was taking an online IQ test and just to pass his time, he also took one. To his and everybody’s surprise he scored very well, sufficient enough to prove that he was a Genius.

It took sometime for everyone and himself to believe the unbelievable – that He was a Genius and not a Duffer. He started feeling much more important, much more enthusiastic and wanted desperately to prove to the world that He was a Genius.

His life changed altogether. He felt like a Genius, acted and behaved like a Genius and started performing like a Genius. In next few years, he got good salary hikes, promotions and earned handsome incentives. He started his own business at the age of 35 and was a multimillionaire in just 3- 4 years time.

What had changed for this person that made him a big Success?

Did he acquire some excellent education?
OR Did his luck changed all of a sudden?
OR Were his basic personality traits retuned by God?
OR Did he become more intelligent all of a sudden?

No its not any of the above. What changed for him was
His Self Respect.
His Belief in Himself.
His Motivation and Enthusiasm.
A Motive to Prove to the World.
His Behavior which projected a behavior of a Genius.

This is not just a story, it’s a fact of life that people behave and perform the way we perceive them to be behaving or performing. Given the right opportunity, environment, trust and motivation, every employee can be Successful and a Winner. When I (Mukul Gupta) read this along with other contents of a very inspiring management book by Mr Zig Zaglar, my way of looking at employees totally changed. I used to terminate lot of non performers earlier. Then I changed the way I looked at each of my employee. I believed they are all excellent and winners and they all actually proved me right. We had no failed employees in last 10 years and none who could not perform well. We had employees who had joined when they had lost their confidence, they believed themselves to be failures and never thought they could do much. But in Our Organization some of such employees have been the best performers over the years.

This is what your belief in Capability of your employees can do: THEY WILL ALL PROVE TO BE WINNERS.

--- Mukul Gupta: CEO & Director at Mukul Consultants India Pvt Ltd


On 30/4/09, Mr Anand Said


Bhupinder (B. S.) Anand
Sr VP/ Group CIO at Vishal Retail Ltd

On 30/4/09, Mr Pankaj Said

Thankz a ton for such an inspiring thought....kuddos to you......

Pankaj Ailawadi
Asstt Mgr HR a Unitech Wireless

On 30/4/09, Ms Taniya Said

nice to read it...keep sending me new articles....

Taniya Banerjee
HR Manager at IT Company

On 30/4/09, Mr Dagny Said

Nice story Mukul. Appreciate your sharing it.

Dagny Samrock
AGM HR at JN Group

On 1/5/09, Mr Ravindra Said

Interesting Article

Ravindra Gupta
Director-Corporate Relations at Indira Group of Institutes-Navi Mumbai

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