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Hiring Winners: Guide to Interviewing and
Recruiting the best

(How to Interview: Guidelines, Tips, Strategies, Methods & Techniques)

Recruiting Winners – A Guide on How to Interview - An Introduction.
* Tools for Judging the Past Performance/ Traits and Visualizing the Future.
Deciding desired Behavior, Skills and Attributes and making an  Interview Plan.
* Understanding the resume and general interview guidelines.
* How to Judge Motivation, Enthusiasm & Intelligence Level of a Candidate
, His Expected Performance, Stability & Leadership Skills etc.
The final decision.

Recruiting Winners – Guide on How to Interview - An Introduction

All of us at Senior Management and Lead HR Role Spend substantial time on Interviewing, Recruiting and Onboarding people. But can we identify high performers, stable and highly motivated people?

This article does not give you some sample interview Questions but a total plan and strategy to identify the best people suited for the Job. Here we discuss on how to find the winners, high performers and people with all the desired attributes/skills and behavioral traits required for the success of a Job. We need to differenciate between Good and Excellent

These inputs come from some major writers mixed with Our own experience with Interviewing for over 20 years.

Tools for Judging the Past Performance/ Traits and Visualizing the Future – Can we see him at Work?

How easy Our Selection process could be if we could see a Prospective Candidate at work in his present Company or even better if we could see him work for few days at our own company. We could see through his attitude, skills, enthusiasm, leadership and so on..

Can we practically do this or Can we do something to practically reach at almost the same situation where we can see how he reacted to a problem or how he got a Client that was very difficult to click.

Yes, to som extent we can do all this and much more. That’s the Tool we are going to talk about a Tool to see through the Past and visualize the future performance.

Let’s show this tool through an example

Pankaj wrote in his Accomplishments “I increased the Sales of my region by 120% in last 2 years”

That surely sounds reasonably good. Can we hire him for this accomplishment or do we need to Probe in. Lets ask him

“That sounds great – Can you share how you accomplished this”

Now Pankaj starts speaking about it, about the new incentive and pricing schemes he launched, the new accounts he tapped, the penetration he got with existing clients etc etc.

During the discussion we realized that his team size was increased from 7 to 12, the new accounts he added up were just worth 5% of total revenues and a few other not so positive contributors and also that it was the new Pricing which was the major Contributor.

We can surely discuss with him on the new Pricing, where it originated from, how he launched it and what margin it left after revision.

Pankaj in his communication said “This new Pricing was lauched on all India Basis”

Ultimately we realize that this sheme which mainly contributed to his so claimed achievement was a corporate decision in which he had very little contribution and with increased costed and lower margins the business was actually less than it was 2 years back.

Key here was to get hold of few Key Factors/Achievements/Traits of the Candidate for which we are most interested in this particular Candidate. Probe in with general/ Specific or Open Ended / Close Ended question to get to the root of the attribute, we are trying to judge and we can almost visualize his Past Performance and what Traits he can bring to Our Organization. To get into details of a particular subject we can use questions like How, What, Why, Who and can almost visualize a situation to the extent of who said what to whom and what good traits Our Candidate showed in the whole situation. Too much probe in too many things can mess the whole purpose of the tool. We should use this tool to assess only very important factors that are required for the Job (which may be initiative, performance, stability, relationship building capabilities etc.)

Further in this article we will discuss how this tool can be specifically used to judge factors like motivation, intelligence, stability, adaptability, leadership, initiative, performance, relationship building, perseverance, team work etc

With this probe in tool we can Judge Candidate on not just performance but also say his attitude, initiatives, leadership qualities and what not.

For the rest of the article we will keep this tool along with us in all major Interviewing and assessing tasks.

Deciding desired Behavior, Skills and Attributes & Interview Plan

Before we can start the Interview Process its much better to make a Total Plan as to what is that we are looking for in an Ideal Candidate for this Job and how we will go about the total Interview Process.

We need to finalise a Job Description comprising of Basic Job Responsibilities of the current position, Skills and attributes required to carry out those responsibilities. We can analyse some people working in similar Positions in Our Orgazation to decide both JD and desired skills required to do that Job successfully.  

We need to decide on the Behavioral characteristics required, technical/ specific skills required and other skills/ attributes required for the Job. Out of the Total List we can  grade various skills/attributes/ characteristics in in Must Have/ Highly Preferred and Nice to Have.

First set of required attributes are specific and comparatively easily identifiable aspects like required level of technical competency or knowledge of the function for which the Job is open, qualification or certifications, previous industry background, pleasing personality, years and kind of work experience, communication skills, reporting structure in previous organizations etc

Second set of required attributes we need to finalize are behavioral and personality aspects like intelligence level, grasping power, stability, self motivation, initiative, result orientedness, adaptability, leadership qualities, relationship building, perseverance, team work/ team management skills, high energy, high integrity, good contacts, hunger for money, enthusiasm, hard working etc.

Once we have decided the required attributes, skills and characters we need to make an Interview Plan as to How to identify these required factors in available pool of candidates.

For First set of required attributes: To judge technical/functional/domain capabilities we may have written or practical test formulated and can arrange for an interview with the senior in the technical or functional area. To identify right experience, education, level, industry background etc, Resume of Candidates is our First Tool as discussed in detail in our next heading. Second here would be asking specific Questions to the Candidates on things not clear, doubtful or matters that require extra insight say Job Responsibilities handled in previous organizations. Third can be reference checks after the Interview and background verification (of say education and experience) by agencies specialized in the same. (Where will you get the excellent Pool of Candidates for your open positions? Of course through us, as we are industry leaders in Executive Search, Headhunting and Recruitment Services for all Industries/ Sectors/ Domains/ Levels and Functional areas)

For Second set of required attributes: Here we need to formulate some questions that can bring up the behavioral and personality traits that are important for us to decide on the filling up of the position. Specific guide and tips for the same can be had under our 2nd and 5th headings under which we discuss ways/ methods to decide on various behavioral and personality traits of the Candidates. Here also Resume of the Candidate provides us prima facie substance to decide many factors like stability, clarity of thought, power of expression, result orientedness, initiatives, adaptability, leadership qualities etc, though these need to be reconfirmed/ corroborated during out interview process.

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